Kit M - Ice Dyed Cotton Tea Towel


This set includes 1 (28" x 28") flour sack tea towel.

100% Cotton



Please Note! Each piece of fabric will vary and is dyed with professional fiber reactive dye and no two cotton pieces of fabric will be the same. This is the beauty of indie ice dyed fabric.


Each batch was thoroughly rinsed in cold water then washed in hot soapy water meant for dyes and then to make sure all the excess dye was gone, I washed it again in hot water with dye free and scent free laundry detergent and then dried.


The uses for these cotton towels are endless. If you want you can cut one up and sew the edges to make napkins for your table. You can also use these to replace paper towels and paper napkins, for use in the kitchen to dry your hands or clean up messes, even use for cloth diapers! They are very absorbent and are very soft.


Wash in warm to hot water and tumble dry.